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Tax reliefs could be managed more effectively, says Committee

The Government is not properly managing the use of tax reliefs, according to ‘The Effective Management Of Tax Reliefs’ (HC 892).

The report, by the Public Accounts Committee, outlines the difference between tax reliefs that are intended to make a more progressive system and those that are designed to deliver policy objectives.

How does it affect me?

If you are entitled to tax relief, if you are responsible for administrating tax returns or if you are concerned about the Government’s approach to tax collection, this will be of interest to you.


NHS could improve approach to obesity

The NHS and local government should change their approach to obesity by switching their focus to prevention rather than fixes such as bariatric surgery, says the Health Committee.

In its report ‘Impact of Physical Activity And Diet On Mental Health’ (HC 845), the Committee suggests measures such as regulation of food ingredients, and more support for those at risk of obesity and diabetes.

How does it affect me?

If you are employed in the health sector, if you are concerned about public health or if you have concerns about your own health, this will be of interest to you.


Lords committee sceptical over value of HS2

At £50 billion High Speed 2 (HS2) will be one of the most expensive infrastructure projects ever in the UK, yet the report 'The Economics Of High Speed 2’ (HL 134) finds the Government are yet to make a convincing case for it.

The Lords Committee supports investment in rail infrastructure, but suggests that it’s not clear whether HS2 offers the most cost effective solution to the problems it’s trying to solve.

How does it affect me?

If you live near the planned development of HS2, if your work may be affected by the future of the project, or you have a general interest in rail infrastructure, then this will be relevant to you.



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