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Outcome of changes to child maintenance system may have unexpected impact

‘Child Maintenance 2012 Scheme: Early Progress’ (HC 455) finds that changes to the child maintenance scheme, which replaces two previous systems, has been successful.

The report, by the Public Accounts Committee, says that the new scheme has successfully overcome many of the problems that the earlier schemes faced with poor IT systems.

How does it affect me?

If you pay child maintenance or receive maintenance payments for your child, or if you are concerned with the welfare of children who rely on the payments, then this will be of interest to you.


Changes proposed to how parliament works in Westminster Hall debates

The Procedure Committee proposes changes to Westminster Hall debates to streamline parliamentary business in a new report.

‘Business in Westminster Hall’ (HC 23) makes several recommendations, including the introduction of hour long debating slots to replace one of the current half hour slots.

How does it affect me?

If you are interested in how parliament conducts its business, are concerned about the efficient use of MPs’ time, or if you are employed by parliament, then this will be of interest to you.


Leap to award renewable energy contracts could be costly for consumers

The Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) has failed to secure the best value for renewable electricity, awarding contracts worth up to £16.6 billion to eight generation projects, without competition.

According to Committee report 'Early Contracts For Renewable Electricity’ (HC 454) price competition should have led to lower energy prices for consumers who are already facing hefty charges.

How does it affect me?

If you work in the energy sector, if you are involved with environmental work, or you would like to know more about how the Government is working to deliver more renewable energy, then this will be of interest to you.



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